McCloud River Railroad : A Day with #25 on the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad

In June 2012, the operator of this website and his daughter spent a day with the #25 on the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad. The day started out foggy and drizzly but became partly sunny by the early afternoon. We arrived in Garlbaldi, Oregon, just as the crews were backing the #25 away from the shop and preparing to load passengers for the first trip of the day. We rode the train from Garibaldi to Rockaway Beach, spent some time in Rockaway Beach eating fish & chips and clam chowder at a restaurant and then walking on the beach before taking the train back to Garibaldi. We then chased the next train north most of the way to Rockaway Beach before heading south to tour the Tillamook Cheese Factory.

Overall, we had an outstanding day. The #25 looked and sounded good, and I enjoyed seeing the locomotive working again. The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad has a new agreement with the Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad- owner of the tracks they run over- that gives them access to the line running from Tillamook through Garibaldi and Rockaway Beach and then partway into the scenic Salmonberry River canyon. The agreement will give the #25 additional room to roam as the Oregon Coast Scenic continues to expand their operations over the next several years.

Special thanks to the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad for what they do and for the hospitality they show their customers. Special thanks to conductor Dave Profit, who made our trip enjoyable.

Cylinder cocks open, the #25 is backing the train towards the mainline switch.

The smokestack of the long abandoned Garibaldi lumber mill rises in the background as the #25 rolls down the main towards the depot.


Builder's plate. The Oregon Coast Scenic sells hat pins of the plate.

#25 waiting for passengers to board at Garibaldi.

#25 rolling through Rockaway Beach.

Passing the Rockaway Beach depot shelter.

Rockaway Beach was celebrating their annual Pirates Festival the weekend of our visit, and the Oregon Coast Scenic flew the Jolly Roger on the #25 in honor of the occassion.

A cameraman with equipment much better than mine at work documenting the #25 in Rockaway Beach.

Just north of Garibaldi.

Between Garibaldi and Rockaway Beach.

Passing a lagoon not far south of Rockaway Beach.