McCloud River Railroad Company
Locomotive #34

Baldwin AS-616
Built- 1952
c/n- 75449
Horsepower- 1600

Increasing traffic levels and improving track conditions caused the McCloud management to conclude it would be better off with more road switchers and fewer switchers. Southern Pacific happened to be clearing its Baldwin road switchers off its roster, and once McCloud found a buyer for the #30 they closed a deal to buy what would become the #34.

#34 in the McCloud yards. Photo from the George Landrock collection.

#34 in front of the McCloud shops on 23 May 1964.

The #34 and the #31 drilling the McCloud yard. Photo from the George Landrock collection.

#34 under the sanding tower in the McCloud yards. Photo was taken 1 May 1964 by Ken Douglas, presented here courtesy of Keith Ardinger.

#34 awaiting its next assignment in McCloud on 17 October 1968. Neil Schakweiler photo.

#34 switching next to the shop on 31 March 1969. Lee F. Hower.

#34 coupled to a sand car on one of the house tracks on 31 March 1969. Lee F. Hower.

#34 on the dead line in McCloud on 3 August 1969.

Above is the Oregon & Northwestern #4, ex-McCloud River #34, sittingin front of the enginehouse at Hines shortly after it arrived on the O&NW. It is still wearing the McCloud River paint job, but was stenciled for the new owner by the photographer shortly before this picture was taken. Photograph by and courtesy of Keith Ardinger.

McCloud River #34 on display as Oregon & Northwestern #4, Portola Railroad Museum, Portola, CA.

The locomotive still has the #34 in its numberboards.