McCloud River Railroad : Yard & Hill Job in 1987
Photo Essay by Travis Berryman

Here is a compilation of Yard & Hill Job photos in 1987. All photos are by and courtesy of Travis Berryman.

#37 and #36 backing into the long spur leading from the shop area to the P&M Cedar Products mill, an occassional customer of the McCloud River.

The two locomotives pulling three bulkhead flats and two boxcars out of the plant.

August 1986 finds the #37 at the uphill end of a healthy cut of loaded bulkhead flats in the McCloud yard.

A short while later the #37 leads the train across a dirt road not far out of the yard.

Through much of the 1980's the railroad had enough business to keep only one crew busy, but union contracts in place at the time saw an additional engineer receiving a steady paycheck whether he worked or not. The railroad used the extra engineer through much of the mid-1980's to run a manned helper on most Yard & Hill jobs. The operating practice saw at least one locomotive on each end of the train; in this case the #39 is in the helper position of the train seen above. It will assume the lead position for the rest of the journey to Mt. Shasta City once the train passes through the switchback.