McCloud River Railroad : Chasing the Sierra Job
Photo Essay by Sam Richards

On 19 May 2005 Sam Richards arrived in the Burney are hoping to catch the McCloud Railway at work. He found the train approaching the rear of the Sierra Pacific sawmill. Sam took the following photos as he followed the train back as far as Cayton. All photos are by Sam Richards and are used with his permission.

Caboose #102 leads the train down the Sierra branch about a mile from the sawmill.

#37 and #38 powered today's train. Sam is standing on the power line road grade crossing just above the sawmill. The crew has just started switching operations.

The crew spent the next hour or so pulling loads and spotting empties at the sawmill. Once the loads had been gathered and waybills signed the crew coupled onto the #102 and then made their run at the stiff grade lifting the tracks out of the mill complex.

The train has reached the flats above the mill and is making its final approach to the Goose Valley Road grade crossing.

The #37 leads the train through a curve just before crossing Highway 89 at Lorenz.

The train crossing the Lake Britton bridge.

End of today's journey. The train is entering Cayton, and the #102 has just finished crossing Clark Creek Road. The train will pause here long enough to pick up some covered hoppers from the siding before continuing the journey back towards McCloud. Sam had some other priorities to attend to and had to break the chase off at this point.

Thanks much to Sam for sharing his photos.