McCloud River Railroad : Yard & Hill Job in September 2005
Photo Essay by Sean Zwagerman

In September 2005 Sean Zwagerman chased and photographed a Yard & Hill job as it went about its duties. These photos are the result.

The crew brought a train of loads in from Burney the day before using the #36 by itself. Getting the loads over the mountain today will require two units, and as such the first task is to add the #37 onto the consist. The engineer is knocking off the hand brakes on the locomotives while the brakeman gets ready to climb onto the rear unit.

Today's first task is to run the two locomotives over to the makeup yard adjacent to the shop, where the train brought in yesterday waits. The crew will couple onto the train and then drag the cars over the track scale so that they can be weighed.

The #36 passing the old paint shop building while pulling the loaded cars across the track scale. Once the loads have been weighed and any other switching jobs have been completed the crew will shove the train back up through the yard so that they can depart engine first on the mainline.

The train has gone through the switchback and is now operating caboose first as it passes through the old site of Howard.

The train is seen here entering the upper limits of Mt. Shasta City while making the final approach to the Mount Shasta yard and the Union Pacific interchange.

Loads have been swapped for empties, and the crew is now headed back towards McCloud. The train is seen here crossing the Big Canyon fill.