McCloud River Railroad : Chasing the Sierra Job
Photo Essay by George, Libbi and Shelby Landrock

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In early April 2005, the Landrock Family journied south from their home to photograph McCloud Railway freight operations. George Landrock worked as an engineer for the McCloud River Railroad from 1974 until 1978, when he was cut off. George currently is a locomotive engineer with Amtrak.

A phone call to the McCloud Railway the week before yielded information that a Sierra Job was planned for Monday morning. However, when the family arrived at the shops Monday morning they were told that Sierra Pacific had only two loads ready to go at the sawmill and that the job had been cancelled. The family was wondering what to do with the day when the railroad decided to run anyway as far as Cayton to get four loads of Diatomaceous Earth from the Dicalite reload. The train crew elected to go get the two loads from Sierra Pacific anyway so that the Landrocks could get photos of the train on the Lake Britton bridge.

Power for today's train, the #37, is seen here warming up in front of the shop building. George Landrock photo.

The #37 has just crossed Highway 89 at Bartle. George Landrock photo.

The #37 rolling through the Dead Horse Summit area in a winter wonderland. George Landrock photo.

Libbi Landrock photo.

Libbi Landrock photo.

Libbi Landrock photo.

Libbi Landrock photo.

The #37 approaching the Lake Britton Bridge. George Landrock photo.

Crossing the Lake Britton Bridge. George Landrock photo.

Another view of the #37 crossing the bridge. Libbi Landrock photo.

The #37 approaching the crossing of Highway #89 at Lorenz. George Landrock photo.

The #37 just coming off of the Burney Creek bridge on the Sierra branch. Libbi Landrock photo.

Backing down the Sierra Branch from the cab of the #37. Geoge Landrock photo.

Still backing down the Sierra Branch. The short wood trestle lifts that railroad across Goose Creek. George Landrock photo.