McCloud River Railroad
Equipment Roster
Caboose #031

Caboose #031 coupled to two other cabooses near the McCloud depot. Travis Berryman collection.

The #031 is seen here along with caboose #034, a flat car, and another ex-GN caboose in the upper end of the McCloud yards. Photo taken 31 August 1957 and is by and courtesy of Jerry Lamper.

Cabooses #031 (right) and #034 (left) resting next to the shop building in 1959. Photo by and courtesy of Ed Burggraf.

#031 near the shop towards the end of its active career. Pacific Northwest Virtual Logging Data Center.

#031 after retirement. Jerry Lampter collection.

By 1964 the #031 had been gathered with the rest of the equipment destined for the proposed railroad museum south of Dunsmuir. Heritage Junction Museum.

Four pieces of ex-McCloud equipment donated to the proposed railroad museum are lined up in this photograph from a period Western Railroader. Jeff Moore collection.

The #031 as it appeared in March 2011. Jeff Moore photo.

A closer shot of the #031 from the summer of 2004. Photo by and courtesy of Ben Ringnalda.