This is a photo of the #38 and #39 passing through Whitehorse en route to Lookout.  Photo is by and courtesy of Greg Brown.

Looking eastward at White Horse in June 2004, six months after the end of operations. The site of the old camp is in the woods to the right.

Rotting ties mark the grade of an old spur line that once ran into the camp.

The spur at White Horse contains some old rail, such as this stretch rolled in 1882.

The mainline at White Horse, stamped as having been rolled for the Great Northern in 1897.

The end of the spur at White Horse.

Below are a series of links to photographs of the White horse area taken by professional photographer J.H. Eastman. The photographs are currently in the possession of the University of California-Davis (Library Special Collections ), who granted permission for these links . [PLEASE NOTE: Each link opens in the same browser window as this page. To return here, use your browser's BACK BUTTON. Another note: If you are using a 'current' browser, you can enlarge the photo by moving your mouse cursor over the photo. An icon will appear lower right; click it to enlarge or shrink.