Along The Line:
Signal Butte

Two of the small early prairie-type locomotives lead a train into the Signal Butte switchback. The turntable used to turn snowplows during the winter months is in the foreground. This turntable remained in use to turn hy-rail vehicles into the early 1970s before it was removed. Photograph courtesy of Heritage Junction Museum of McCloud, Inc.

#18 with a flanger and caboose at Signal Butte. Some of the section sheds are visible, including one converted from an outfit carbody. Muma collection, courtesy Travis Berryman.

The snowplow train departing Signal Butte for McCloud. Muma collection, courtesy Travis Berryman.

Crane #72 and a flatcar on the turntable lead as seen from an excursion in the middle 1960s. Jeff Moore collection.

A detail shot of the Signal Butte turntable. Note the trestle work partially supporting the structure. Jeff Moore collection.

Signal Butte station sign. Anna Moore photo.

Conductor Roger Titus is guarding the reverse move as the #38 starts shoving the Shasta Sunset Dinner Train out of the switchback and towards the summit in May 2007. Jeff Moore.

The empty turntable pit, also in May 2007. Jeff Moore.