Signal Butte

Two of the small early prairie-type locomotives lead a train into the Signal Butte switchback. The turntable used to turn snowplows during the winter months is in the foreground. This turntable remained in use to turn hy-rail vehicles into the early 1970's before it was removed. The turntable was too light to handle locomotives. Photograph courtesy of Heritage Junction Museum of McCloud, Inc.

5/2003. The turntable pit as it appears today.

Circa 1999. The old station sign at Signal Butte. Photo by Anna Moore.

Circa 1999. The #25 has just gone through the switchback and is in the process of backing down to McCloud. The tail track is behind the photographer; the track to the left under the train goes to McCloud; and the track to the right goes to Mt. Shasta City. Photo by Anna Moore.

Signal Butte: Track on left goes to McCloud, track on right goes to Mt. Shasta City. Grey structures on outside of rails contain propane burners that prevent the switch from freezing shut during winter.

The end of tail track at Signal Butte. Jeff Moore photo.