The Porcupine spur in June 2004, six months after operations over the line ceased. The line to the left is the mainline to Lookout, the line to the right is the spur into the ballast pit area.

Looking down into the pit at Porcupine from the spur.

Another view of the Porcupine pit, looking north from the end of the spur. The spur circles the edge of the pit, joining the mainline in the gap in the trees on the left side of the photo. A small butte existed here prior to the commencement of quarry operations around 1931; obviously a lot of rock has been taken out of the ground from this location in the 70-plus years that the railroad took ballast material from this location.

Below are two shots of early ballast mining and loading operations at Porcupine. Note that log flats with gondola sides are being used as ballast hoppers. Photos courtesy of Heritage Junction Museum of McCloud, Inc.

The mainline heading east from Porcupine.