Lake Britton

Circa 1995. The #39 leads a freight bound for McCloud across the short bridge that carries the railroad over Highway 89. Photo by Anna Moore.

A few hundred yards east of the highway bridge the railroad crosses Lake Britton on this bridge. The bridge was constructed in 1954/1955 and cost over $250,000. One construction worker was killed when a span that was being put into place slipped and ended up plunging into the lake below. This picture dates from 1959 and is by and courtesy of Ed Burggraf.

Another Ed Burggraf photo of the bridge, this one taken looking north.

The Lake Britton bridge as it appeared around 1988. Jeff Moore photo.

Keith Ardinger caught three locomotives leading a train towards Burney on 8 August 1987.

A McCloud bound freight is entering onto the Lake Britton Bridge circa 1996. Photo by Steve Moore