4/1994 The road to Medicine Lake crosses the McCloud tracks at Bartle. The Bartle siding is the track to the left.

12/1997. A section shed still stands at Bartle.

5/2003. The Bartle tank was one of two complete water tanks left standing on the railroad. It remained serviceable into the early 1980s, but then fell into disrepair. A group of volunteers restored the tank to operation in late 1993/early 1994 in preparation for the return of the #19 in April/May of 1994. The tank has since lapsed into disrepair again and collapsed in the years following abandonment. Only the base remains, and the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad salvaged the hardware for possible reuse on their operations.

5/2003. A westbound freight with 24 empties for the Burney area passes Bartle tank.